VUEPOS provides complete point-of-sale solutions for all avenues of the food and beverage industry, with system configurations scaled to meet the requirements of every style and size of restaurant, bar and nightclub, whether you are a single site or corporate chain operation.

VUEPOS hospitality platform is flexible in the way it can be tailored and adapted to meet environment demands to deliver a solution for maximizing table-turnover and revenue with the adoption of the latest available technology, such as mobile waiter pads for table service, integrated multi-floor table mapping, intelligent reporting applications, full inventory, back office and front-of-house management.

Point of Service for all Hospitality

  • Fine Dining
  • Bar & Pub
  • Casual Dining & Buffet
  • Hotel & Lodges
  • Resorts
  • Tour Operators
  • Catering
  • Event Planners
  • Cruise line
  • Transportation
  • Arenas & Theme Parks
  • Lounge & Night clubs

A Full-Featured POS That’s Ready To Deliver More Sales!

Every tool you need to run the business you want is right in here.

Leading ePOS Solutions for Hospitality Industry

At VUEPOS, we know that having the best EPOS software can dramatically improve your business. Especially with the hospitality sector being heavily impacted by online competition and changing consumer spending patterns.

Features Of VUEPOS Systems

  • Excellency in customer service
  • Promotions and customer loyalty
  • Kitchen management software
  • Stock control and Recipe management
  • Accounting – count on VUEPOS, fast and accurate
  • Creating purchase orders, fast!
  • Customer management
  • Extensive reports & Analytics
  • Flight deck
  • Product management
  • End of day – quick, simple and accurate
  • Managing groups of products easy.
  • Run reports, apply discounts or do a stock take
  • Warehousing
  • Remote management
  • EPOS and eCommerce

Making Better Business Decisions

With better visibility into your business, you can make better decisions everyday!

At the touch of a button, you can access real-time data such as sales figures and projections, gross profits, inventory information, forecast projections and customer details.

You can also respond faster to changing market conditions and competitive threats. Our EPOS solution also makes it more cost effective and easier to open up and manage new stores, plus mobile point of sale, pop-up shops and kiosks.

Everything you need to run your business.

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